Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Happy New Year to one and all! 2008 has finally come as 2007 has now become a memory and a happy one at that for me. I hope that for the rest of you, your thoughts of this past year are joyous happy ones as well. Seeing as how I have been preoccupied with work and the holidays, it is once again time to play catch up of the passed three months. Please grab a chair and kick your feet up because this could take a little while ;p

October was a bit of a blur for me because there really was so much going on that I felt like I was running from one event to the next. The first two weekends of the month were dedicated to the ending of the Off Broadway show I was fortunate enough to be a part of (Angry Young Women in Low rise Jeans with High Class Issues). The show closed on a really good note for me leaving me wanting more of the stage to be honest. I have to say thank you to the lot of you who were able to come out and not only support me but also laugh along at the rather unusual roles I had taken on. It meant quite a bit to see so many familiar faces after the show especially knowing that the last weekend of its run was the exact same weekend as the Guiding Light Fan Club weekend. We all had so much going on that I’m sure everyone was pretty zonked at the conclusion of it. Following the Fan Club weekend was the October “Find Your Light” event. This event coincided with “NY Cares Day” which for those of you who aren’t aware of this day, it is a day where volunteers band together and tackle various projects throughout the city in an attempt to beautify the Big Apple. This year, I believe the total number of volunteers that came out throughout the entire city was somewhere over 8,000! It was a great day overall and we (the Guiding Light crew) really had a fantastic time again with our work and all of the fans who came out to work alongside side us. The only downside to the day I will say was getting ambushed by Frank Dicopolous and his daughter Olivia with paint. By the way, never let paint dry on your skin ESPECIALLY if you’re a guy with hairy arms and legs. I was in the shower for over 30 minutes when I got home trying to scrub that crap off and I ended up ripping more hair out than the water washed off. I had patchy arms and legs of missing hair for the next month….thanks FRANK!

Anyways, to wrap up October we decided to throw a Halloween party. We decided throwing a Halloween bash instead of paying to party at some club where people would be pushing and shoving in a small room with no air and tons of costumes and makeup coming off everywhere would be a smarter idea. So once we decided on a theme for the party we got to work on piecing it all together. With spider webs hung, creepy crawlies all over the room, red lights and green creating an eerie glow, a witch’s cauldron with skeleton hands climbing out of a smoking punch (bought dry ice) with waterproof orange lights illuminating it, food galore cooking and or baking, specialty cocktails ready to be enjoyed, and Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein playing, how could a great night not be had. As for the costume this year, I went as a Robin Hood character. It was actually a pretty fun choice. Light weight, easy to move in and giving me a kind of Errol Flynn demeanor (yes, you may laugh at that), I was ready for the guests. The night turned out to be a great success amongst our friends and we in turn got to see some pretty creative costumes ourselves. So what I am alluding to by telling you all this is that I’d love to hear some of your Halloween stories and costume ideas if you are so bold. Can be a quick note or a longwinded response like mine are always, LOL!

Moving now into November, work slowed down for me which was a nice change but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t anything for me to do. I was asked to carry the “Outstanding Drama” Emmy to Salt Lake City, Utah to surprise a lucky fan in our traveling Emmy contest. This trip had to be one of the most random trips for me to be honest. Not because of the reason for it or meeting the woman who won, Marjan, and her wonderful family. It was random because of the scenery, my two office friends Pablo and Jay who went with me, the brand new Hummer we were given (HOLLA), the exclusive dining club we ate at the night we arrived which cost like $7 dollars to join, the wild radio songs we were rocking out to in the car, and the intense in-flight trivia game that we played both on the way out and back. This was such a fun excursion that took place over just two days and so memorable that every time Pablo, Jay and I hang out at work we always laugh about the trip.

The only other big event in November was Thanksgiving for me. I was down in Richmond this year and again was way too glutinous at the dinner table. If I keep eating that same way I’m pretty sure that I will be the Turkey next year.

December was a very slow month for me at work, I literally worked one day and had the rest of the time to prepare for Christmas. No matter how many limitations you put on the Holiday as far as gift giving, somehow we always manage to overshoot them by either a bit or a long shot! Before getting into that though I want to talk about the final “Find Your Light” event. Ricky Paul Golden, Crystal Chappell, and myself all went down to Baltimore, Maryland to help sort gifts and disperse to families in need this Christmas. It was run through the Salvation Army and I have to say that everything went without a glitch. Those in charge of organizing and maintaining constant supervision of the volunteers and sometimes the actors when needed (not naming names) really had this project air tight. We all came in knowing the importance of this particular project, that it was the last one of the year for us and that we really needed to work hard and quick. I’m not sure most people understand how difficult and overwhelming this undertaking was. There literally were huge wooden containers that resembled trash dumpsters in size that were filled with gifts that needed to be emptied. In the center of the room were rows and rows of bunk style shelving units (3 shelves high) that held about 25 packing box sized boxes sided by side. The bunk styled shelves ran the entire length of the room, about 30 rows deep. This was a huge depot and we cleared the place of all gifts, getting each box filled with at least a few gifts. As we finished the project, everyone gathered to do our customary wrap up pictures and video and at this point we were notified that despite our wonderful efforts there were still going to be families in need. In the Baltimore area, there were still1200 families that weren’t going to receive a gift box for their family and children. Now before going down on this trip I had gone out and purchased two gifts: action figures for a little boy and a “Bratz” doll for a little girl. Let me just say that those doll’s are scandalous in dress! The only reason I picked one up was because I found one that was fully clothed in winter garb. Anyways, after getting this news about the families still in need, Ricky, Crystal, and I all gave in total a little over $1000 dollars to try and help purchase last minute gifts for those in need. I know it wasn’t much but it was something to try and help with a last minute push seeing as how the boxes had to go out in the next 3 days. As we left that night, our whole group felt much better having done a really good deed especially one that was going to help bring smiles to so many families this holiday season. After returning to New York for a few days it was now time to head back down to Virginia to do time with the family. The 21st was my mom’s birthday so we went and took mom and dad out to a nice seafood place in Old Town, Alexandria. Dad and I wrestled verbally about paying the bill but I eventually won and was able to treat them (he didn’t put up that much of fight btw). After her birthday, we headed down to Richmond where it was time to wrap and assemble gifts for the little nieces and nephews. Now for all you parents out there or Uncles/Aunts, you already know what a pain in the butt assembling toys can be. We do it though because the look on the youngsters face Christmas morning is all the reward we want for our time. So there we all are, Christmas Eve, with two Power Wheels in pieces waiting to be put together with only 7 hours to do it in and manage to get some sleep before the madness of tearing wrapping paper off ensued . Well after many pinched fingers and a few obscenities the two gifts were literally ready to role and we still had 4 hours to sleep before the kids got up. That morning I was woken up by a 3year old (my niece) launching herself across the air mattress and onto my chest…MAN that feels good first thing in the morning! As we all finally collected ourselves and came into the living room, we noticed that the kids had already picked out the biggest coolest toys, the Power Wheels. That was at least something that made us all smile though looking at the time was a reminder of the lack of sleep we had. After doing Christmas Eve with my family and morning, it was time to head over to Sarah’s family’s place to do Christmas there. Everyone was very ready to go by the time we came over and obviously so were we. After a few hours of unwrapping gifts and everyone laughing and “ooooo’ing” or “awwww’ing” over each person’s gift(s), I came across a gift that was sent by heaven above! Now yes, this will be very materialistic of me and not dealing with the true meaning of the holiday itself but this was a pretty cool gift. Sarah had bought an Xbox360 for me and completely surprised me with it. This was something that I had wanted to purchase for some time now but didn’t due to other financial obligations as well as keeping my materialistic wants in check (not easy btw). I have to say that since setting it up, I’m totally in love and it’s as addicting as everyone says.

New Year’s came and went pretty quickly and quietly for us. Went to dinner with friends and was back home by about 11pm. By the time midnight came around I was already pretty tired but stayed awake for Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Celebration. I have to say that it was good to see him hosting again but he also just won’t be the same after the stroke. I think it best to keep the show’s name the same to honor him but let him retire from doing it. Anyways, by 12:30 am I was in bed and actually thankful I didn’t spend anywhere from $150 to $300 for a ticket to some packed party with nothing but finger foods, rude drunk people, and no place to sit. It was a nice way to start the 2008 but I have to be honest, I haven’t really made any resolutions. I guess I just don’t feel that they are necessary you know. Why make a promise to either do or not do something just because it’s tradition? If you really wanted to do it, shouldn’t it be done when you’re ready regardless of day?

So those were my holidays but I’d love to hear about all of yours! If you have any wild and crazy stories, please share them keeping in mind that anyone will be able to read them and even perhaps laugh or relate to your family, lol.

Happy New Year’s to you all and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Blogger Shanna said...

Hey John,

I'm going to go in order here:

First it was great to see you in October as always. I'm sorry I couldn't come see your play; I wanted to I hope you know that. Thank you for stopping by at the cruise.

It sounds like your Thanksgiving was a good one. I hope you had fun at the Baltimore Find Your Light Event. It sounds interesting.

Glad your Christmas holiday was filled with fun & laughter! Being an Aunt I can sympathize with being woken up by Nieces & Nephews. LOL My holiday was great too. All my family was together so we had a great time.

I sent you an answer via email so hopefully you should get it.

Take Care,


January 15, 2008 at 2:16 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Hey John,

Thanks for sharing all of your holiday stories. I enjoyed reading them, although it made me a little tired just thinking about all the running around you were doing.

I am very thankful that my family is all fairly localized and I don't have to do much traveling at all for Thanksgiving or Christmas. The longest trek I have is from my parents' house back to my apartment, which is less than 30 minutes. My Christmas is pretty standard, I think, but my most unique tradition is with my best friend (since birth!) Andrea--who, actually, as I think about it, met you and Gavin at the Big Flea Market near your hometown. Anyway, we meet at my apartment after we've finished all of our family Christmas festivities and exchange our stockings, which are not anything like usual stockings, in that they are huge and are filled with books, CDs, DVDs, etc rather than toothbrushes and shampoo. Since we're both single with no children, we're able to spend more money on each other. We open our stockings, but also each save out one gift (usually a particularly desirable one) and hide it. Then we each create a game of riddles, clues, obstacles, or whatever that must be completed in order to find the gift. For example, this year I wrote her clues on the back of puzzle pieces, so even after she found them all, she had to work the puzzle in order to see the map which led her to her gift. It's fun.

This is already long, but we are kindred spirits in that respect. You asked about Halloween, and since I did do something different this year, I'll share. Instead of my annual Halloween party, I decided to have a Harry Potter party, since I and several of my friends read the books this summer. We all dressed as our favorite characters (I was Severus Snape) and I had labeled all of the food with Potter-esque names and had signs all over the apartment (i.e. Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, The Leaky Cauldron, and of course, Platform 9 and 3-quarters). We used the sorting hat to divide into houses and then we played games for points, which I kept track of in similar style to the books, with different-colored jewels. We searched for snitches (which I am proud to say I made myself with styrofoam balls, gold spray paint, and feathers) and played trivia games. As was only right, Gryffindor won. It was a blast. Hmmm, and I hope you read Harry Potter or either you did not understand one single solitary word of that. In which case, you have some reading to do.

Lots of love from your fellow Virginian,


January 16, 2008 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger Cierra said...

Hey John,

Let's see: It was great to meet you in October at the Luncheon. I'd never been before and it was a little overwhelming because I am very shy and none of ya'll are LOL. I didn't get to attend your play because I had to leave that same night to head back to school (in Lynchburg, VA. I'm from Fredericksburg, VA). Although Candice and Brandi tell me it was amazing.

I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Nothing beats a nice, home cooked meal. I ate enough to last me into the new year haha

Sounds like Christmas was a blast for you. My family decided to draw names this year (since there is way too many of us including extended) and really focused on the younger kids. My cousin and her son just moved here from Alabama (I hadn't seen her in over 4 years) and this was her son's first Christmas was all of us so it meant a lot.

New Year's Eve my roommate from school came up and we went and saw National Treasure lol That's as exciting as it got for me but I can't complain. I'm back at school now and trying to get back in the hang of things.

I wish you and Sarah a blessed year and I will see you again either at the softball game or in October.


January 16, 2008 at 9:44 AM  
Blogger Brandi said...

Hey hey John!! Happy New Year to you & Sarah! =)

It's really good to see ya blogging. I love reading the happenings in peoples lives. So,.. I shall respond, and it might be long, cuz that's how I am, lol. It wouldn't be me if I didn't and I don't mind people reading about me if they want to. =) Some have told me they like me because of how open & honest I am. *shrug* =)

It was really great seeing you in october,.. but I have a confession. At your play,.. well,... I kinda had a few to drink arfter the luncheon,.. like right before we left to go to your play. Yeah, and I hadn't really eaten much,... so yeah,.. it hit me quick! Had a few martini's. What? Don't look at me like that! LOL! So, after getting the gals front row seats,.. (which they owe me for!! lol),.. I kinda started falling asleep in my seat. Candice took a picture, she sucks! After she did that I told her, "If you get giddy when John comes on stage and you smack me to get my attention,... you'll be on the stage with the actors!" She didn't hit me, lol! I meant business and she knew it. And then the girl came on that was talking to the audience,... and she kept lookin at me & Candice,.. and I was like "great! Right in her line of vision! If I fall asleep, she'll probably be offended!" LOL! Just my luck. I thought I was safe in the corner, lol.

November was pretty uneventful til around thanksgiving! Went to my grandmothers house like we always do,... and for the 1st time in a very long time, my dad didn't have to work so he came to eat with us!! It felt good to have him there. My grandmother,... oh she is a trip! She's 85, and has the wrost hearing, but it's so funny! My gram's was like "Oh Brandi! Look at you! You look like you lost weight,... unlike your sister!" My sister was standing right behind her, it was priceless! My grams is also very blunt! But my sister is pregnant, so it's not like she can do anything, lol. (Yeah, that's another thing that happened. Found out I was gonna be an aunt again for the 8th time!!) Ok, back to funny grams, lol. The phone rang, and my uncle didn't want to answer it so it handed it to grams. She was saying "Hello" into the phone, and the phone was still ringing!! I was laughing so hard, and I was like "Give me the phone!" and was like "I don't know what wrong with this stupid thing!" I answered the phone cracking up laughing, my aunt from texas was on the line. It was so funny! And I had my other aunt loudly sayin "MA! Do you have your hearings aides in!?!" Never a dull moment with my family! LOL!

The end of November was also my birthday, and my cousin thought it would be fun to convince me to go to a Chippendale's show at Foxwoods in Connecticut! If you know me at all,... that's not my scene! So I was slouched in my chair,.. and when the guys come off the stage to interact,... BAM, I get targeted! Seriously, just my luck! Guy bit my neck, and I was like "Why me!?" *shrug* I was makin fun of their cheesy dancing on stage,... and then I decided to have a few drinks,... and then somehow I ended up getting picked to BE ON STAGE! Out of all those chicks there,... I get picked! Funniest night of my life!!! After that there was dancing,... and the only lesbian in the place targets me to dance with! She scared the heck out of me when she came up behind me and grabbed my waist! LOL! I'm tellin you,... just my luck! And I know I probably have people laughing if they are reading this! I didn't want to hurt the girls feelings, so I danced with her. I'm too nice sometimes!

December was busy busy busy! My friends wedding was Dec 22nd, and I was helping her with wedding stuff, on top of working 3rd shift, traveling, helping out at my church, babysitting for everyone, and getting christmas stuff settled!

I went to the charity bartending event at Blondies. Gina Tognoni called me "Hookah Girl" when she saw me, and I had everyone around looking at me funny! (Thanks Gina! LOL) And I had a tipsy love fest with Beth Ehlers where I said to her "I love you Beth! I tell everyone I love them when i'm drunk, but no seriously, I love you. Seriously!" HAHA! She grabbed my face & kissed me on the cheek and called me adorably cute & told me she'd remember me, lol.

Next up,.. FYL Baltimore! Let me tell you,.. it was great that I got to see you, and I got to see my best friend, and my new friends(Cathy, Mandy & Alyson) that I met in October! But getting to play elf, and help out with putting the gifts in boxes for families,.. it just felt soooo good. I never really told anyone, but when I was younger,... I was one of those families that got a lil help so that my sister and I would get stuff for christmas. And it just really touched me, and felt good that those kids were gonna be so happy with getting stuff for christmas. I kinda walked away from people because I didn't want anyone seeing me get teary eyed.

My friends wedding was eventful! I was the guestbook attendant & hostess(for the 3rd time!).. I've gotten quite good at it, lol. And I caught the bouquet,... for the 3rd time. Which caused everyone to make comments about me need to be as aggressive about getting a guy! I wasn't agressive with getting the bouquet! Phear pretended the throw it, and when she really threw it, we weren't ready! LOL! It smacked her friend Rebecca in the face and bounced into my arms!!! Everyone tried attacking me! It was hilarious!! LOL!!

Christmas was eventful! Mom & my sister were sick,.. sis had the flu. So I had to play Santa to my niece & nephew. Had to get the gifts from my aunts house after my cousin got out of midnight mass. And I had to wrap my dads gifts!! I'm not the wrapper in the family,.. that's my sister Tiffany!! But I had to take over cuz she was sick. Was up wrapping til 6:30am!!! My dad got home from work at 7am, so I stayed up to talk to him and make him open his gift from me. Woke the kids up at 8am, so I could see them open the gifts, and them go to sleep!!! My nephew Devin is 2 1/2 and LOVES all kinds of trucks!! So he was in heaven! But his favorite gift,... his vacuum, HAHAHA!! He LOVES to vacuum!! My mom would vacuum and he'd cry when she'd put it away,... so santa bought him one, and he goes around the house everyday with it, LOL!! Ally is 6, and she's into dolls & clothes(Miss fashion diva, lol),.. but it was funny cuz when my cousin and I were bringing the huge bags up the stairs, we kinda hit the bags on the stairs and ripped a few gifts, lol. Sooo funny! And I almost fell down the stairs, TWICE, with the bags, lol) But Ally noticed the rips, and I was like "Oh those bags must've been heavy for santa and it was probably an accident!" She was like "You are right auntie Bran. And it's ok!" LOL!

New Years Eve,... I had to work cleanin up after the drunks that trashed the resturant that night! UGH! NOT FUN! I don't like dealing with loud drunks! *sigh* And I was on my feet cleaning from 12:30am til 8am when it was time to clock out! Sooo tiring! =(

And i've just been dealing with things too. Was hurt by a few friends, and it didn't feel too good. =(

But on a happy note,... How about those Patriots!? HAHA!! I had to! You know I did!! hehe!! And my 2nd fav team is still in it too,... the GIANTS!! BOOYAH!! I'm a happy football fan! =P

Ok,.. must end this now,.. gotta get ready for church.

That's everything that's been going on with me. =) Oh,... That pic you took of me, you & Candice at the salvation army,.. I want to know if I could get a copy? Cuz I didn't get a chance to take a pic with the 3 or us on my cam. So you got the only pic.

Take care,
<3 ~Brandi~

January 16, 2008 at 3:28 PM  
Blogger chris said...

Hey man! Happy New Year-
Hoping youe leg hair has grown back! LOL- Just wondering...anything you can tell us about the new shooting style. I think we are getting some taste of it now- poor Coop looks like he has himself in one big mess- anyway, always enjoy you on the show. I'm involved with several professional theater companies in Buffalo and read about the paly that you did off broadway. hope you do another show, would love to check it out
Chris Kelly

January 17, 2008 at 8:29 AM  
Blogger jenn leanne said...

Le me just say. *sigh* I love you.

You're welcome :)

January 24, 2008 at 6:28 PM  
Blogger SaSlaya said...

What’s Good ?!

I just started reading your blog in September. What took you so long to post another one? I figured you just let it go (right when I discovered it by the way, lol.) Doesn’t matter now since you're back at it and since you requested feedback (I assume you REALLY will be reading this or else I wouldn't waste my time) I thought I'd take a minute to say hello.

Ok, I'll get the cheesy fan crap out of the way… I enjoy GL soooo much more when it's an Ashlee and Coop day. Sometimes I won't even bother if I don't see you guys.

My October, overall, was bland. For Halloween I was a Goth – “Escort”. My best friend and I both did this with a male friend of ours and he was our “pimp” with dog leashes attached to our wrists. We stole the idea from Snoop Dogg.

Thanksgiving was good. I cooked my famous “turtle” brownies.

December had its ups and downs. My 24th birthday came and went. I was supposed to go to Atlantic City with my Brother and some friends but we’re having a family dispute (disloyalty and talking out of both sides of the mouth being the main reason – them not me) so the trip was not to be. Which sucks, because, we planned it during the summer and they all knew that I have never had a proper birthday celebration. EVER. My d-day is on the 21st, right before x-mas so you know I always got the shaft when it came to presents. Lol. Oh, well. I made up for it by buying myself a laptop which is something I’ve been needing for years now. Oh, congrats on the x-box 360. I’ve yet to upgrade my x-box or ps-2. I’m still enjoying them anyway so I’ll manage.

After all the drama I pretty have good times. My little sister just took her PSATs and scored a 1510 so I’m ecstatic for her. I too have little nieces and a nephew who love to jump on me. I lost about 70 lbs last year so now when they jump on my stomache it hurts and I have to explain to them that Aunt Crystal is not a pillow anymore. I love them like crazy though and I wish I got to see them more. They are the cutest little boogers.

I gotta get back to work so, good luck in life and I wish I could have seen your play!

February 7, 2008 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger Londoneye said...

Hey John, this is weird. My name is Lara, I'm an Italian actress living between London and Milan and, well... I'm the Italian voice of Lizzie Spaulding!!!??? I bumped into your blog while writing on my blog about the weirdness of "dubbing" GL for 15 years (I started just after graduating from drama school, and dubbed 3 other characters before Lizzie)
It was great reading about you.
I do VO work in Italy and stage work in London. Maybe one day will bump into each other for real.
Keep up the writing though, I know it's hard to find the time...

March 4, 2008 at 2:40 PM  
Blogger Kathie Truitt said...

Hi John,

Kathie Truitt here - I hope this didn't post twice. Anyway, hopefully you'll remember me from when I was one of your agents at Satchi. You were also at my house in June 2005 for a big party - you were my 'suprise celebrity guest'.

I just wanted to let you know that although I'm not an agent anymore I still keep up with what you're doing.

I am very proud of you! I see even more great things happening for you in the entertainment world. Stay focused!

Next time you're in town get in touch with me and I'll take you to lunch and you can get me caught up on everything you've been doing. We live in Alexandria now (just outside Old Town).

See you soon, and once again it's been so wonderful to watch you.

Kathie Truitt

April 28, 2008 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger kenny said...

i met and worked with john driscoll aka " coop " from the " guiding light " back in 2000. it was a first for me, as i met and worked a versace fashion show with him and others in washington DC. it's kinda' inspiring to have worked with someone who has now obtained some level of success and recognition in the entertainment world. it just goes to show that dreams can come true.

go get em' " coop " ;o)

June 5, 2008 at 3:33 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

Happy birthday John!

Katie (tour girl)

June 27, 2008 at 4:05 PM  
Blogger Nightwing Wannabe said...

Wow a full year and no John :(

At least there's plenty of him on the tv :)

January 14, 2009 at 8:08 AM  
Blogger cate45_19990 said...

Hi John!

Well, I guess you are leaving GL! What a sad, sad day this is! I want you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed your antics as Coop and have enjoyed our friendship. You have been like my kid brother! I hope you are going on and up in life and that I can stay with you! You are above all the rest!

Be good and be happy!
Cathy from Springfield

February 2, 2009 at 7:54 AM  
Blogger Kitten said...

Right on John. You're the greatest. And good luck in your upcoming plans whatever they may be.

February 11, 2009 at 6:52 PM  
Blogger Courtney1983 said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe that you've blogged this long and I've overlooked it! I would have been here with you every day since 2004! I've literally grown up 18 years with GL and (without embarrassing my sister too much!) I can tell you that she called me crying her eyes out and told me my favorite character was leaving!
Hence me being here looking for any way I could get ahold of you to tell you that you are one of my fave actors and will miss seeing you on GL SO MUCH! Coop was definitely one of my favorite to ever grace Springfield with their presense.
I know it's been a year since you've even written a blog, but I figured I'd leave an email address so that I could possibly get ahold of you, maybe...just maybe! I think my sister would literally faint if I got an autographed picture of you (that I would just love to show off!)
Anyways, you are amazing, if you ever plan to come to Canada you definitely have to let us know, you would be welcomed in Ontario with the warmest greetings you could imagine!
Thank you for being an amazingly talented actor and genuinely adorable guy!

Courtney Alkenbrack. xo.


February 16, 2009 at 5:42 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Hey John,

It's been more than a year since your last entry so I don't even know if you'll ever read this but I wanted to say, as others have, that I will really miss Coop on my tv screen. I have to admit that my favorite time of your character was when you and Lizzie were together.

I have followed your blog from the beginning and I know that you will be amazing in whatever acting avenue you choose, whether it be another daytime show, primetime, the stage, or maybe the big screen.

I am going to leave an e-mail addy just in case you ever begin any kind of "John Driscoll Update List."

Thank you for your years on Guiding Light and best wishes for a bright future.


February 16, 2009 at 6:45 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...


You will be missed on GL, but I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to take on next. If someone is creating a John Driscoll update list, please add my email address--dmh6670@sbcglobal.net. Take care!


February 17, 2009 at 4:16 PM  
Blogger Nightwing Wannabe said...

Wow...no more Coop...here I just said there was plenty of you on Tv.... I have to tell you the scenes with you and Justin, where Buzz has to decide to let Coop go, had me in tears. I could just feel Buzz's pain in having to decide such a thing for his own son, a son to him he just got back not to long ago.

John good luck to you in the future and I hope to see you soon on tv, movies or wherever you end up...because I know Henry Cooper Bradshaw will not be the last thing you will ever do...you are too talented not to be seen again.

February 24, 2009 at 10:05 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Wow. I feel really dumb for posting a comment almost 3 years later. I'm a fan and I was really sad to see chance leave the young and the restless. Hope to see you on other shows.

September 27, 2010 at 6:24 PM  

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