Thursday, February 24, 2005


I am back. That’s right, after one month of nothing, it is time to get back in the blogging saddle and bang away on the keys about my so called crazy life i.e. “John’s Journal”. Now I promise that this one will not be a sappy sad reflection of negative events but more of a “moving on”, “got it out of my system” entry. I will say though that I was so surprised at the repercussions of my last “Softer Moments” entry. I was just feeling the need to get all of this crap off my chest, not looking to make waves or turn heads.

“Softer Moments” meant so much to me as far as honesty, though at the time I didn’t consider it to be more than just a scratch pad of emotions and thoughts strung together to make what I felt was very little sense. I submitted it to the people at Televest, our PR agency, who always proof read it and make sure that it’s not too obscene or gives any plotlines away too early. This is all done with very little communication between us; I type it, then send it, they read it and post it…done. This time though, I received a phone call from them asking if I really wanted to post this piece of “honesty” for all to see? “Yes, that’s what I signed on for by doing this journal series; my life and all the moments that are in it, both in good times and bad”. Personally I just couldn’t keep writing about all the so called bubble gum “I’m on a daytime soap” or “my life is perfect and glamorous now”stuff (though there have been and will be times I have to, LOL). NO! I am a regular guy who has an AMAZING opportunity to work with truly amazing individuals (writers/directors/actors/etc.) while living in a very hard city, facing everyday problems and concerns just like everyone else. That’s the real John Driscoll and if people don’t like or agree with me then please don’t read or respond to this journal, it’s that easy!

As comments poured in, we (Televest and I) realized that I may have hit on something that was a breakthrough. I really couldn’t say too much about it, but maybe, “Wow, that’s pretty cool” and then as I read all the supportive posts and stories similar to mine, it hit me. I am not alone when having these days and yes, I will get through this, so don’t be so hard on yourself (but also don’t forget it either)!

“All of us have had issues regarding friends and plans. Please do not be too hard on yourself. The reasons we do things are always a mystery. But try to take comfort in the fact that most people, myself included, can relate to your situation.” –NHFan

First, I want to say that I admire you for putting your feelings and emotions out here for everybody to read. It takes a lot of guts to open yourself up the way you have.”-Susan

“I also wanted you to know how much we appreciate your hard work on GL. We really do! I'm an actress too, and I know that when you mess up one thing, thats all you can think about. You may eventually get that one line right, but then the rest of your scene goes to hell. But just to let you know, I've never seen you have an "off day" on GL. You always do fantastic work.”-Erin

I read your post about work and it's kinda strange to read. I mean, most of the times we don't think about acting as a "job". I mean, we just see waht's on the air and that's it. Keep your chin up, I've watched you a couple times and I think you do a terrific job!!! Maybe I'll finally stop watching Days and make GL my soap of choice. I've heard such great things about it since Ellen Wheeler took over.”-Matt

These were just a few of the many responses that were received and I just have to say “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart, sincerely, for all your time and efforts responding to this. Whether you’ve been with me from the beginning “kick-off” blog or just tuned in because of the article in "Soap Opera Weekly" (I’ll get to that shortly), it makes no difference, your thoughts and opinions are read and taken into account and certainly appreciated.

As for the article that was written in “SOW”, well that came shortly after “Softer Moments” was posted. I was surprised actually that they (SOW) wanted to interview and get my thoughts and comments about this one in particular. I really don’t honestly remember all that I said and I’ve been so busy that I actually haven’t read it yet, but apparntly the gist was good and obviously so was the response. Let me just say if it wasn’t mentioned in the article that the meaning of “SM” wasn’t to point fingers at anyone or make anyone out to be a bad person, but rather my personal issues and thoughts about a certain work day in my life. I do want to thank SOW for taking the time to read my posts and sit down with me to understand my reasoning for it, when, because of the nature of the business and the rush rush rush of deadlines, we sometimes don’t get an opportunity to explain certain actions that are then misinterpreted.

Unfortunately, I must cut this Blog a bit short as I am at work, BUT, never fear because I’m back in the Blogging saddle with brand new crazy adventures. Trust me when I say that my next one will be STELLAR (and longer)! Most of the cast will be heading to Las Vegas this weekend for a charity event appearance so there will be stories to tell along with my thoughts and input as well as yours about the Daytime Emmy Awards and your thoughts on the nominations!!!! So sit back and get ready for more literary excitement with me. All the best and thanks again to all!