Monday, October 01, 2007


It has been two weeks now since my last post and quite a few things have been in motion. Everything from my obvious work at “The Light” to the past two successful weekends of “Angry Young Women…”, the surprise visit of my family and extended at one of my performances this past weekend and the upsetting loss of my beloved Washington Redskins on Sunday (many tears were shed). I guess I could summarize my life as a complete rollercoaster since my last post.

Things over at 523 West 57th street (the home of Guiding Light) are still moving along swimmingly! I haven’t been fired yet (lol) and the Coop and Ashlee storyline is stronger than ever. I know that sometimes it seems like the storyline is in some sort of a holding pattern and that it may frustrate some of you who want to know when that next step may take place in their budding relationship. To this I say that both Caitlin and I feel the same way. We only know up to what is printed in the next week’s script so we are just as anxious as the rest of you. I will say though that both Caitlin and I always make it a point to enjoy every moment that we share on the screen both in tears and in laughter and from what I’ve read thus far it shows.

On another note, I’m happy to say that we have a few familiar faces returning to Springfield that have already started taping and will be airing in the next two to three weeks. To some of you, you may already know who I’m referring to but to those who haven’t checked it out in the magazines and CHEATED, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise I guarantee.

“I am going to express an opinion that is probably not going to be very popular among JD fans but I have to tell you where I have been in order for you to appreciate where I am now. In the beginning of the whole Ashley-Coop story I was not convinced that this storyline would work. I admit I thought it was a sweet story however. I was not sure how it would work out. I still had a few reservations about the storyline until I saw the episode that aired on 9/17/07. I can now say without any hesitation that I see the connection between the two characters. I think the turning point for me was the casual nature of the kisses and tenderness that both actors were able to pull off flawlessly. The scene that I liked the best was the one on the “balcony”; it was very sweet, so now I am believer. Please keep up the good work!” -Raiden

And now to the other project in my life that has been quite an undertaking but a complete joy. “Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jean with High Class Issues” has just completed its second weekend with me as a part of the cast and has not been cancelled, lol!

First, let me just say that I have been bitten by the stage bug and have acquired a huge respect for those that give an absolutely hypnotizing and magnetic performance day in and day out on the stage. I had become so accustomed to saying “let me try that again” or “I can do better if I can get a second or even third go on that scene”. When you step foot on that stage it is do or die time and THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES to capture your audience. With all this being said though I have to also say that each performance isn’t always smooth sailing, problems/accidents do pop up from time to time regardless of how familiar you may be with the material. Yes, I have experienced a few surprises on stage with either flubbed lines or faulty props, even MISSING props. This is where the joy of live theatre lies though in how you accept this dilemma and transition through it so that the audience never has a clue. One of the most comically common occurrences in the production involves a rose that with every performance either gradually wilts, explodes at any given moment, completely snaps in half or finally and rarely survives the scene by a miracle. Yes, this prop belongs to me, the one actor with the least amount of stage experience. At first, I thought this was some sort of cruel trick that the cast always plays on the new guy…give him a faulty prop and see what he does. Ha Ha Ha people, real funny! Ok, jokes over, I’ve made it two full weekends now so please pass the rose on to someone else. I could honestly go on forever about the ins and outs of the show but I will spare you all and just let you read the review and interview that was posted on “Broadway World” after my first weekend. The website is and all you have to do is type my name (John Driscoll) into the “search” box and it should bring up the article. Have a peek and let me know what ya’ll think but be gentle please, lol.

So as I said before, my parents came up this past weekend to see the show. I was very excited obviously because they were coming to support me but also because less than a month after her surgery, my mom was willing to travel up here and start walking. She says that she feels great and that she’s lost weight already which is excellent but I knew that we still couldn’t overdo it with her. Having her in the audience that Saturday night inspired me so much that I just felt free and open with all of my movements and gestures which allowed me to give what I thought was a kick-ass performance. I did warn them prior to the show though that it would be vulgar and suggestive but somehow even with the warning I felt slightly weird walking out on stage half naked knowing they were sitting there. After the show concluded and I had gathered my things to meet up with them outside the theatre director, Matt, pulled me aside and said “John, it's so nice that all your family and friends came out to support you like this. I hope they enjoyed themselves.”

I looked at Matt with one of those expressions that says, “what the hell are you talking about?” I said “Well, I’m sure that MY PARENTS had a lovely time,” and that I would pass on his thoughts to them. So as I walked out of the theatre, opening the door onto the west village street, I saw all these familiar faces that were staring back at me and in unison they shouted “HEY JOHN, SURPRISE!”

Deer in the headlights must have been the expression because they all immediately began to laugh and encircle me. After a few moments of hugs and congratulations there on the street we moved the crowd over to a Mexican restaurant and kept the party going with food, drink and laughter (mostly at me). It was such a welcomed surprise to have them all there though I didn’t technically say anything to them about the show. They found out the details through my blogging and went to the show’s website and ordered tickets but didn’t say a word to me or to my parents. Regardless, everyone had a wonderful time and I’m sure this will be yet another memory that they will bring up at our annual family gatherings, talking about how my New York stage debut included me half naked in a towel that almost fell off with a rose that exploded on stage….good times!

Now, moving from the arts to another form of entertainment that is near and dear to my heart, I must chat about the NFL, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, it was a most upsetting Sunday for me when the unbeaten Washington Redskins fell to the NY Giants. All I can say after watching the game is that it was some sloppy football on the Redskins part. Not to say that there weren’t some good plays but they just got jumpy and perhaps even lazy/overly confident and began to make stupid plays and rack up amateur penalties. When you dominate the first half of the game and then finish up the second half with 17 unanswered points against you and lose, there are some serious issues to address with not just the players but the coaching staff too. Let me preface what I’m saying here by the way by stating that in NO WAY am I any less of a Redskins fan after a game like this but since I do love the team wholeheartedly, I feel that I can say/question these things.

Jason Campbell is the starting quarterback this year for the team and although it’s his third season in the NFL, he just started to get some game time at the end of last season. This I am guessing still qualifies him as a newbie to the position which means that he will ultimately make beginners mistakes. I have to say though that when you’re making a multimillion dollar salary, you are being paid to not make mistakes let alone beginners ones at that. Campbell has a great arm and a strong pair of running legs which he underutilizes from what I’ve seen. He could truly be a great threat in the league if he gets a little more confident in his own abilities and stays out of his own head using the god given talent that he has. So, to wrap this topic up, I will chalk this loss up to a lesson in humility for the Skins to not get cocky but to play smarter and not underestimate another team’s abilities no matter their season win/loss record.

I feel so much better after getting this all off my chest, hope it didn’t bore ya’ll!

It’s now Friday the 28th and I have to get ready for tonight’s show so I will be signing off but please take a few moments to check out the above website for reviews of the show and also if you’re interested in coming to it, just go to and you may purchase tickets. Have a great weekend everybody and talk to ya’ll next week.

I was with Khouree this past weekend for the show. You were fabulous. Thanks for chatting with us for a few minutes. I'm glad to see that your mom is doing much better. I have to tell you that it was nice to see that your family surprised you. That's was very nice and it show's how much they and you appreciate each other. Thanks for the fabulous entertainment on Saturday night. I have told my friends that will be in the city in a few weeks that they have to check out the play.” -Amy