Friday, November 11, 2005


After an absence of just under two months I realized that although I have been extremely busy, I have kept everyone out of the loop of sharing in my fortunes and some of my misfortunes! Some of you may already know what these are and I am sure that many more of you will have no clue. What is more important though is that you have stayed with me and followed my adventures and have shown me so much love and support which is why I continue to post these entries. I hope that although this one will be brief you will enjoy it and will be eager to get to the next one just as if you were reading the “Harry Potter” series, LOL!

It’s about seven in the morning of Friday and I here at work getting ready to start the day’s events. What makes this Friday more exciting than the rest is that right after I finish taping, I will be heading to the airport to take part in a fun and charitable weekend out in Las Vegas! I know “Charitable” and “Las Vegas” really don’t belong in the same sentence but I trust it will be. I will be joining Gina Tongoni (Dinah) out there and we will be representing the GL cast…more to come after the weekend!

As far as a quick recap of the events that I will later get into more detail about, there was the King’s Dominion event down in Virginia that was an absolute BLAST! Many of you may have read about it and some of you may have experienced it and will know how amazing it was. There were so many more fans and friends there than we had originally expected, making the event a complete success and showing CBS that if they hold these events, the fans will come to them (my “Field Of Dreams” moment).

There was the St. Jude’s Event/ GL weekend that were both so much fun and this time around being my second year, I was much more prepared, LOL. How awesome were David Andrew McDonald (Edmund), Jerry Ver Dorn (Ross), and the surprise appearance of Grant Aleksander (Phillip)? Those three men are so incredible as individuals and unfortunately for us are also moving on to other opportunities. They are and will be sorely missed! I have to say to a good friend of mine before I forget “Candice, thanks for the Milk Duds…You ROCK!”

On a pretty amazing note, I have landed another acting job! LOL, don’t worry, I am not leaving the show or anything, because it’s actually filming right here in New York. The project is called “The Book of Daniel” and will start airing in January of 2006 on NBC. I landed a recurring role very unexpectedly and have enjoyed it immensely. After tuning into it, I hope you will too. I have to say that it’s a character that most people won’t expect me to be playing (or maybe they would, you decide). The show is lead by the amazing Aiden Quinn and will feature other familiar faces that are both Film recognizable as well as Daytime too i.e. MEEEEEEEE, LOL.

Speaking of recognizable people, I have to say that ever since our studio moved to the CBS building on the West Side of NY, there have been some famous people passing through here. “BET” (Black Entertainment Television) is located right across from our studio in the building and their guest rooms are located on the same floor as ours. allowing us to see who’s in and who’s coming. Well, as of this moment I have met Stevie Wonder, 50 Cent, and got an autograph from Mariah Carey. I also have a pretty funny story about Kim Zimmer (Reva) and Stevie Wonder which I will get to in my next entry. One of my MISfortunes that happened recently was the night out with Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan)…lets just say I wasn’t myself the next day, LOL. Nothing but love for ya Tommy and I’ll get ya the next time out!

Alright I hate to go, but I must since it’s time to earn my keep. I hope that everyone has been good if not great and I would love to hear some Halloween stories if you got’em. Also, what’s everyone doing for Thanksgiving? I hope to see a few responses soon and I’ll get another entry up when I return from Vegas. Thanks for the love and support and I am getting to all my fan mail so please keep it coming. If you haven’t received an autographed photo yet and have asked, you will soon.